Travelling to the Crematorium

Crematoria generate low levels of traffic and our visitors arrive outside the morning and evening peak rush hour.  As a result, we do not envisage any significant impact on the local road network.   

Our experienced transport engineers have also thoroughly assessed the capacity of Hooton Road and confirmed that it can comfortably accommodate a new crematorium. 

We are providing more parking spaces than the minimum required standards, to make sure there will be no parking on external roads at any time. 

The site is also accessible by public transport, both by bus any from nearby Hooton train station. 

The Environment

The crematorium will use the latest and best quality cremation equipment available and be fitted with an abatement system to treat and remove pollutants.   Consequently, there will be no smoke from the facility, nor will there be smells.   There will be no threat to health from the operation of the building.

The system we use is world leading; it is designed and built in Manchester and is one of the most expensive on the market.     We use the same systems in our other facilities, and they are leading class when it comes to environmental performance.   All of our systems are fully compliant with the strict standards set out by the Environment Agency.

In addition, we offset the carbon generated through our use of LPG gas, and we only use electrical energy generated from renewable sources.

Modern crematoria technology is very quiet and will not generate any significant noise.   We will also be careful about light pollution.   Our lighting will be low level and kept to a minimum.   There will be no lighting on-site outside of working hours

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