A Modern Crematorium for Cheshire West and The Wirral

The Need for a Crematorium to Serve Cheshire West

Horizon Cremation are currently preparing a planning application to build a new, high-specification and environmentally advanced community crematorium in Hooton to serve the needs of families from across Hooton, Willaston, Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Neston, Bromborough, Easton and beyond.

At present, there is no crematorium to serve the essential funeralcare needs of local people specifically within the key northern and populous areas of Cheshire West.

The nearest facility within the local authority boundary is the very busy Chester Crematorium to the south.   Northwich (Royal Vale) Crematorium located to the far southeast of the borough is located at such a distance, that it is not practical or easily accessible for families and communities from the northern areas of Cheshire West.

Birkenhead (Landican) Crematorium, located towards the tip of the Wirral peninsula and operated by Wirral Council is also used by Cheshire West families, albeit to a lesser degree.

Both Chester and Landican Crematoriums are amongst the busiest crematoria in the UK.

While Chester Crematorium was completely redeveloped in 2013, replacing an old and dated building – families are still only given 30-minutes service times (40 minutes total ‘slot’ times) in which to hold a dignified funeral service.

On average, over the past 5-years, Chester Crematorium has carried out almost 2,000 services a year from a single chapel building.   This equates to around 8 services a day, every single day.

Chester Crematorium also sits within a large cemetery, and the crematorium building is also used for burial funeral services – further reducing overall cremation chapel capacity.

Over the past 5-years, Chester Crematorium has on average been operating at 106% of its practical capacity and at 135% of its practical capacity during the peak period.  Due to this level of demand, Chester consistently fails the basic standards as set out by industry regulatory groups, in terms of what families should expect in terms of access to essential funeralcare services, i.e., in terms of how long families should have to wait for a suitable cremation service time, and how long families are given in which to hold a dignified service.

Northwich (Royal Vale) Crematorium is also a modern facility, but its location means it is not easily or practicably accessible for the communities of Hooton, Willaston, Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Neston, Bromborough and Easton.

While Landican (Birkenhead) Crematorium is used to a lesser degree by Cheshire West families and is located out-with the borough boundary, it still forms part of the overall cremation capacity picture specifically for families and communities based around the northern end of Cheshire West.

Practical capacity during peak periods is also a problem for Landican (Birkenhead) Crematorium despite having 3 chapels (2 chapels for cremation services), however, the main issue with this facility relates to service and quality.

Built in 1934, Landican Crematorium is one of the oldest crematoriums in the UK.   It is a product of its time – it is a large, dark, austere and dominating red brick building. Like Chester, Landican also sits within a very large cemetery.    The main issue with this facility is the undignified 20-minute service times given to families.  Less than 1% of the 308 crematoriums in the UK offer service times of 20-minutes – and this amount of time breaches the most basic standards as set out by industry bodies and regulators.

At Horizon, we believe it is wrong to expect families to hold a meaningful funeral service within a 20-minute service time.

We strongly believe that crematoria should be local and more accessible for families.  They should be modern, environmentally advanced facilities and fit-for-purpose.    And they should reflect the values of modern society.  They should not be large, centralised, architecturally heavy and dark structures. At Horizon, we believe that families should be given a sufficient amount of time in which to gather and hold a dignified service.

We only operate 1-hour service slots as a minimum for families as standard.

Our building will be modern, light and bright – providing a more approachable and less intimidating space for bereaved families and friends at what is already a difficult time. Our facility would give local people a modern, environmentally gentle alternative at a time of need.

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